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Glasgow darlings, PAWS, have just released Tongues, the latest single from their forthcoming album, Youth Culture Forever–to be released 2nd June on Fatcat Records.

Filled with twinkling guitars and remembrances of past love, Tongues packs a wallop. If it’s any indication of what the new record will sound like we’re all in for a treat.

Sink your teeth into the fuzzy froth below



Cosmic Dead Even though you’d be pushed to find anyone outside of a Drowned in Sound message board who gives much of a shit, the UK has been doing a pretty brisk trade in wig out bands over the past couple of years. With the pulsating weirdness of acts like You’re Smiling Now but Soon We’ll All Be Demons, Hookworms and Bo Ningen blowing up amplifiers across the country right now, this is probably the best time to be British psych-fan since Black Sabbath released Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

Hailing from Glasgow, a city more associated with arty post punk bands like Orange Juice and Franz Ferdinand than tooth-shaking, feedback-loving ambient  psych bands, The Cosmic Dead formed in 2010 and have been steadily building a fierce following ever since. Renowned for putting on shows pretty much anywhere there’s people, beer and a drum kit, they take the best parts of bands like CAN, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane and SunnO))) and turn them into epic, 8-minute slices of hypnotic space rock. Put simply, they’re the musical equivalent of one of the trip-out sequences in Bram Stoker’s Dracula meeting that time you took ‘shrooms in uni and ended up thinking you were the tentacle monster in Return of the Jedi.


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Glasgow group LIFE MODEL release their self-titled debut EP today via new imprint Viscerality Records. The last track to be shared from the set is Persistent which restfully fits between the brilliant Glazed (which we wrote of back in March) and other tracks Sit Still and Take It Slowly.

Listen to the floating Persistent below and purchase the EP here:


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HONEYBLOOD recorded this new song earlier in the month and it’s quite a departure from the previous effort we posted.

Gone is the screeching feedback and muffled vocals, Super Rat showcases the pair’s pop friendly tones and gives licence to some lyrics full of love sick fury.


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Glasgow two-piece HONEYBLOOD are set to release their debut Thrift Shop via CATH Records on April 1st.

The garage rock band epitomise the DIY ethos as the two tracks were recorded in a bathroom with a 4-track-tape-deck. You can hear the the fuzzy hiss of No Spare Key below.


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Tyvek start their UK tour today, kicking off with a gig at Hector’s House in Brighton, then onto Grosvenor in Stockwell tomorrow.

These dudes from Detroit are fucking awesome, as we said before. Their latest album Nothing Fits is out on In The Red and is a very decent offering of garage punk.

Here’s one of our fave tracks for your listening delight. Details are under.

Tyvek – 4312

14-Mar UK Brighton Hectors House
15-Mar UK London The Grosvenor
16-Mar UK Glasgow Captains Rest
17-Mar UK Leeds The Fenton