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THE WYTCHES have unveiled their video for new single, Beehive Queen which features the trio romping around a quarry, which is exactly what you do when you are one of the most exciting bands to come from Brighton recently.

With  vocals sounding like Jack White being tortured and guitars that could slice you clean in two, Beehive Queen, is a creature not to be reckoned with.

Beehive Queen will be released on Hate Hate Hate on 3rd June



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Manchester quartet MONEY are busy putting the final brush strokes to their much-anticipated debut album. The first sneak peak into the creature they are creating comes in the form of new single Bluebell Fields.

The first single of the album feels like swimming in the middle of the ocean. There is so much space and tranquility but by no means denounces it’s vast size as a track. The Manchester lads certainly show they can make a lot of sound out of very little.

The debut album is expected this summer whilst Bluebell Fields will be released via Bella Union Records



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has uncovered his new video for Never Run Away off his fifth studio album Walkin on a Pretty Daze which features Kurt riding through his deserted hometown on an empty all-white school bus.

Never Run Away floats along with aid of Kurt’s murmuring vocal and sleepy guitar strums. The video is like drifting through a dream, one you would want to revisit time and time again.

Walkin on a Pretty Daze is out now on Matador Records


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BIG DEAL have unveiled their video for In Your Car, the first single of the new album June Gloom.

Directed by Danny Perez, the video features the gorgeous duo do the kind deed of giving a lift to an unusual hitchhiker; something they might soon start to regret.

In Your Car is out 22nd April and new album June Gloom comes out 18th June via Mute


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Birmingham boys JAWS has revealed the final component to their anticipated Milkshake EP in the form of Friend Like You B-Side, BreeZe.

BreeZe is probably their longest song released to date and sure makes for an epic set closer. This track is addicted to tension! BreeZe is constantly building itself from the thumping kick drum to the ghostly synth whistles. The lyric  ‘I want it, I need it, yeah!‘ really shows just how easy they make this look!

Milkshake EP is released on the 22nd April on Rattle Pop whilst current single Friend Like You is out 1st April


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THE BIRTHDAY KISS are streaming their highly anticipated debut double A-side featuring Can You Keep A Secret? and Worth It.

Can You Keep A Secret? rumbles along nicely before exploding into the sound of rattling guitars and raspy organs where as Worth It bounces through life with it’s chirpy keyboards and Sarah Williams’ unique vocal.

Can You Keep A Secret?/Worth It is out on 8th April via Death Party Records

FireShot Screen Capture #038 - 'Fear of Men - 'Seer' - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_feature=player_embedded&v=IAcMJPnYoMQ


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have unveiled their new video for Seer from their latest compilation of previous releases; Early Fragments, released on Kanine Records back in February. The track blossoms with their signature choir like vocals and intricate pulsing drum patterns.

Fear of Men‘s Jessica Weiss and Daniel Falvey often take a lot of control on the projects visuals. Combined with the help of Williams and Tardo on directing this video, Seer shows Weiss as a lone beekeeper in the midst of what looks like a post apocalyptic landscape. It manages to sum up just how chilling and how alone you can feel when listening to this mesmerizing offering.

The band are currently on their way to play Festival NRML in Mexico before heading north for a stint in the US for SXSW.


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Gorgeous duo BIG DEAL have returned baring a blazing torch in the form of new single; In Your Car, taken from their anticipated second album June Gloom

The duo’s sound may have evolved quite dramatically since their debut; Light’s Out back in 2011, but they can still harness a killer riff or two. Something that In Your Car is far from lacking. The duo’s trademark whirling vocals ride on the back of a thumping rhythm section; straight from a 1990’s American rock band’s album which you probably still have hidden away somewhere amongst your college sweater and spring break photos.

In Your Car is out 22nd April on Mute


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One of Birmingham’s finest; JAWS, have announced their brand new single Friend Like You. Straight from the off guitars shimmer within this paddling pool of summer’s bliss. Friend Like You sounds like long care-free summer evenings spent roaming fields and quiet suburbs.

Friend Like You is out through Rattlepop on 1st April and is taken from the upcoming Milkshake EP to be released 22nd April which features previously released singles Toucan Surf, Stay In, Surround You as well as b-sides; Donut and Breeze


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London/Brighton four-piece FEAR OF MEN have been working hard on their anticipated debut album expected later this year. In the mean time they have compiled their string of previous singles, plus a brand new track, into the formation that is; Early Fragments.

From debut single; Ritual Confession up to the new track; Seer, Early Fragments shows the transformation this creature, known as Fear Of Men, has taken into building a beautiful world of sweeping, brittle guitars and angelic vocals.

Released on marble vinyl on Kanine Records 13th February. Stream Early Fragments below…

FEAR OF MEN will also be playing Sexbeat’s very own SX2013 party taking place at Cheer Up Charlie’s in Austin, Texas next month.