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Lanzarote Events, Bad Vibrations & The Quietus present a five date experimental voyage of psych, noise & rock n roll across London starting this week. We’ll be attending all the shows and today marks a series of posts letting you know why you should too.  

Opening the festival will be GNOD, our very own MOON GANGS and BASIC HOUSE.

When: Thursday 21 November

Who: Gnod, Moon Gangs, Basic House

Where: The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington

What: Salford’s kraut heavyweights Gnod have a reputation for creating intense, ear shattering soundscapes capable of lifting your soul from your body.  The Quietus favourites released their new album Chaudelande earlier in the year and to call it an Odyssey would be somewhat of an understatement.

Why: As well as the appeal of hearing Gnod in full force in the immersive surroundings of The Waiting Room basement, SEXBEAT label artist Moon Gangs’ ambient cosmic wanderings are hypnotic, as are the lo-fi drone stylings of Basic House.

How: £8 Adv –

Listen below

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