Slime - Crown - YouTube



Cieron Magat
 is the man behind the video for SLIME‘s new song Crown which appeared on his newly released EP, Increases IIIn the past he has done projects such as T Shirt Party and ISYS and now he has turned to music videos.

The video was shot on Hi8 video in and around the Queensbridge Road in Hackney, thus making it endearingly simple. It’s a perfectly sweet accompaniment to the sweet glitchy electronic song which is drenched in handclaps, finger picked acoustic guitar and a distorted airy female voice.

It’s lack in the clarity of the lyrics gave Cieron room to play around with the theme of the video; he settled on an urban romance.  On the topic of the video’s inspiration, Cieron said: “I suppose it’s about falling in love in your head with girls you’ve never met. I got aired loads when I was a teenager, haha.”  The beautiful crown that they’re playing around with was also made by London based designer Rosy Nicholas.

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