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Deptford based sibling band DROP OUT VENUS have been gathering quite a name for themselves during recent months with the aid of a couple of free downloads, a festival appearance at The Great Escape and various London shows (including one curated by this very website!)  following the release of their hand painted mixtapes.

The band whose name was inspired by a tarot card, pride themselves in the founding of their self entitled ‘jazz junk’ genre, their dream inspired lyrics and pure creativity whilst seemingly taking musical inspiration from everyone from PJ Harvey and nineties grunge rock bands to Billie Holiday.

Their latest single, which is due to be released on Dirty Bingo Records on September 24th is entitled I Kill Foxes; a song which is based upon Bill Callahan’s ‘I Break Horses’ but in role reversal. Instead of being about a man killing women, it’s a about a woman that kills men, thus leading to sinister Lady Macbeth vibes.

In amongst the singing, screaming and shouting are beautifully chaotic layered guitars with heavy distortion whilst instrumentation is minimal during verses, drawing attention to front woman  Iva Moskovich’s terrifyingly passionate and sinister vocals.

As the song comes to an end, it is hijacked by abrasive clashing chords, an insane, high pitched guitar solo which escalates into chromatic madness whilst a driving war drum-esque beat is constant. All instruments then drop out for the song to be terminated with  Iva  crooning “When I die, time won’t be on my side.”  No-one can argue with such a statement.

‘I Kill Foxes’ is the band’s first release that really captures the exciting intensity of their live performances, if you’re a fan of grunge rock that’s been darkened, twisted and injected with Eastern European mysticism then Drop Out Venus are one to watch.

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