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Las Robertas

Monserrat Vargas, Mercedes Oller, Franco Valenciano and Lola Miche met as garage punk and 60s pop obsessed teens in their home town of San Jose, Costa Rica. The three girl one boy combo cite deal in often heartbreak-soaked, timeless songs that swoon and swerve on the verge of fuzzed-out pop and classic 60s girl group harmonies. The Shop Assistants, Riot Grrrl and the C86 movements as influences but it’s the band’s enthusiasm and songwriting that cuts through any of the hubris related to being tied to any movement or coolness.

Las Robertas complete their debut European tour, routed by Dance Magic Dance tonight at the Shacklewell Arms with support from sex beet + Chapter Sweetheart from 8pm.

Download Ghost Lover free.

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