Wonderswan – Super Star Destroyer

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We asked Leeds based grunge dudes Wonderswan, for their inspiration behind their new pop video for Christmas no 1 – Super Star Destroyer. Singer Micheal Watts (Aries) reveals… “The song is based on a line from everybody’s favourite squid headed tactician Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars and I wanted a science-fiction themed video to go with it. I genuinely love really shitty low budget films and I was intending to find and chop up footage from various B movies when I stumbled across an amazingly terrible Turkish “remake” of Star Wars from 1981. It has everything – a training montage, weird as fuck monsters, extremely low budget special effects and the most badass looking villain I’ve ever seen, all shot on Super8 film. I have no idea how it relates to the original Star Wars, except for the fact that there are loads of actual scenes from Star Wars spliced really dodgily into the film. I painstakingly condensed over an hour and a half of plot into 5 minutes, cutting the footage into little pieces and rearranging them in time with the music.”

Super Star Destroyer is taken from the forthcoming Wonderswan E.P. “I WISH I WAS DEEP INSTEAD OF JUST MACHO” available on 24/5/10 on tape based label Sea Owl

If you can’t wait till then, enjoy this free mp3 download of the track “Maple Syrup” from the E.P.

Thanks Wonderswan.

See the band live in concert opening for Double Dagger and Friendship on the Leeds and Nottingham dates of the upcoming SEXBEAT UK tour.

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