Valient Thorr, Hang The Bastard, Amulet | 100 Club | 16.07.2014


Metal, punk, beer and skate boarding warriors VALIENT THORR will play a headline show at The 100 Club on 16th July. Having toured with the likes of Motorhead, Mastadon, Red Fang, you can expect the evening to be loud, fast and heavy.

Support comes from HANG THE BASTARD and AMULET.

This will be the band’s only London show of the year and SEXBEAT will be there, fist-pumping to their amped-up hard rock and stripped-down heavy metal.

Tickets available here.



RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON are actually Glenn Peeters, Jan-Titus Verkuijlen, Tony Lathouwers and Niek Manders from Eindhoven. With a knack for crafting spaced out voyages, largely at five minutes-plus, the band are another of the current batch of psych exponents to come from the continent or further afield.

On their self-titled 2012 EP tracks like Echo Forever and Darkness slowly rumble into the crevices of your brain before taking full control of the rest of your body. Intense, brooding and at times an overwhelming mesh of  mind-melting guitar noise.

The band released new LP Strange Wave Galore earlier this year and tomorrow play the Bad Vibrations Shacklewell Arms weekender: This Prismatic Room alongside the likes of The Lumerians, Black Mekon and The Wands. Tickets are still available here.

Glenn from the band has chosen tracks for a bumper edition of Personal Playlist below.

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San Francisco garage rock stalwarts, THEE OH SEES, called a hiatus late last year, but not before they recorded one more fizzy nugget of psychedelic excess, Drop.

Due out on 19th April (Record Store Day in the States) via frontman John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records, Drop is the thirteenth album from the band.

Watch the video for the title track below.



Mike WattFor most people being in a band is a short-term thing. You get together with a couple of mates, bang about in a bedroom or a practice space for a few months and maybe get a chance to play a couple of gigs to your pissed up friends and family. For the really committed there may be the chance to go out on tour and release an EP, but only the lucky few get to make a career out of making music. MIKE WATT is one of them, but very nearly wasn’t.

“I’m not actually a musician,” Mike clarifies when I ask him for the secret behind his longevity; “I am 56 now and do music for a living, but actually I got into music because of my friend D. Boon”. Forming The Minutemen when he was still in school, Mike and his friend quickly became legends on the Californian punk scene. Beginning with almost no musical experience at all, they developed an inventive sound that mixed punk with jazz, country and folk influences and a philosophy that trumpets thriftiness and self-reliance over rock star extravagance. “We formed that band as an extension of us together. We learned touring from cats like Black Flag (who practically built the US tour circuit) and Hüsker Dü, who went by the old vaudeville adage: we’re playin’, you’re payin’.
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On 21st April, WINTER DRONES releases his new album Heavy Eyes. It’s the solo project of Still Corners and Hush Arbors guitarist Leon J. Dufficy. New single Ignore The Night is a sonic mix of embalming , fuzzy shoegaze. Slow-paced and deliberate, with a grandiose feel both audibly and atmospherically.

Steam below and pre-order through Marshall Teller here.



The most recent offering from those good folks at Art Is Hard comes from New Zealand based SHUNKAN. The 20 year-old’s opening gambit is this achingly infectious pop ditty, stripped back in nature and sweet enough to pang at the iciest of hearts. Stream below and pre-order here.


Some loping psychedelia for your April. A guy smokes. He walks slowly. Cars drive quickly. You sip your tea. You check your cupboards for something stronger.

Catch LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE  instore in Flashback Records, London on Sunday 6th April.