SEXBEAT is teaming up with London’s legendary 100 CLUB and DIY MAG to co promote this show at multi purpose creative space TOTAL REFRESHMENT CENTRE, Stoke Newington.

Tickets are FREE ENTRY with RSVP while limited stocks last.

Born from the same Toronto post hardcore / noise scene that produced METZ and Burning Love, Greys wear their influences on their sleeve. The spirit of Drive Like Jehu, Jesus Lizard and most noticeably Fugazi is alive and well in their music with the lead track on LP ‘If Anything’ playfully named ‘Guy Picciotto’.

Support comes from female post punk group PRIMETIME and punk hellraisers CLAW MARKS.


You can have a fine night out in Salford if you know where to go.  And now that MAZES have teamed up with Plastic Zoo for their latest output, the whole of the internet gets to know it too.

Salford is taken from their new album Wooden Aquarium, out now via Fat Cat Records.


The Shrine Handcrafted Skateboard Competition

We’re looking forward to Venice Beach thrashers THE SHRINE‘s show at the 100 Club on Friday 10th October. 
Even more so now that we’ve found out there’s a draw to win this handcrafted one of a kind skateboard deck created especially by upcoming designer Matt Wilkins!
The winner will be announced live at the show. For a chance to win the skateboard (and have a great time at the gig) get your ticket here.


Melbourne’s creatively titled KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD have revealed the 3D video to their forthcoming album I’m Your Mind Fuzz. Time to dig out your red and blue tinted specs. Watch Cellophane below.

The band play live at The Shacklewell Arms on Monday 10th November.



A FREE block party festival scattered around 10 plus venues, with an outdoor stage, sounds like a London made dream. Well not a dream over here. This is the weekend that everyone who lives on the east side of LA waits for every year. With burgeoning bands from Lolipop, Burger, and Summer Bummer records and not to mention they are all locals in Echo Park and surrounding areas.

Friday was a day for chilling at the park with a few beers then heading off to the main stage to catch surf rockers, CORNERS. This band has a very limited online presence so if you want to hear more then their single, Pressure, then you have to catch them live. It’s not usual where you can have a seven piece band and it doesn’t seem to be overcrowded. Originally from Mexico, SANTOROS, brought old school, beach rock to the streets of Echo Park.  Finishing off the day with ALLAH LAS, who premiered some new tunes including ‘Buffalo Nickel’.

Saturday was always going to be a full on day, kicking off with a bottle of 10% IPA, and starting at the Lolipop records shop with BILLY CHANGER. His punky lyrics started the day off on a high note. Staying at the shop and letting the buzz take over, THE SQUIDS came on full blast with their breezy garage rock tunes. Although that wasn’t enough to keep the shop cool as the power briefly went out and just as quick came on to finish off the guys set. the GROMS, were playing somewhere down the street and we ran to catch them. These garage rockers played full force, with tunes such as ‘Howlin’, where I found myself joining in on the howl. Thanks guys for giving out beer too!

Catching the end of MR.ELEVATOR AND THE BRAIN HOTEL‘s  which they concluded with ‘Nico‘ a fun psychedelic jam that’s great to get groovy too. Those crazy cats at Lolipop had everyone guessing who the surprise guests of the night would be, and it was nonetheless, LA’s own MYSTIC BRAVES. They played a few of their songs and the shop was one big sweat pit. A great way to end the night.



AZTRAL PLAYNS is a sludge rock project led by Tom Cox of Old Forest and Sam Walsh from Dignan Porch. Opening track On The Aztral Playn draws you in with behemoth, slow motion riffs and no nonsense, skin rumbling drums. As you rock back and forth, just prepared yourself for some serious neck damage at the 4min 17sec mark.


I don’t know what it is about Brighton but the amount of talent that just comes oozing out into the London music scene is fucking amazing. Maybe its the whole living by the seaside and having that fresh sea air unclog the minds that produces these amazing bands, i.e. Theo Verney, The Wytches and now MORNING SMOKE.  With what started off as just a fun project for friends Milo(lead singer) and Max (guitar)slowly turned into a full four piece. They released their EP Euphoria via Stray Cat Records nearly two years ago.  Milo’s, vocals are echoingly deep in tracks such as ‘Melancholy’. The 6 track EP catches your attention from start to finish as it builds momentum and slows down and then gets you right back into it with the noise pop  track ‘Loathed’.
I sat down with the guys before their gig at The Social in central to find out more about them as a band and to see whats next for them.

You guys have been gaining quite a bit of hype recently since the release of your debut EP Euphoria. How does it feel to be such a young band with recognition?

All: Its nice!
Milo: I think we are more excited now to release some new stuff as this is back from two years ago.

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